What is Cinetorium? 

The word Cinetorium is combination of two words - ‘Cinema’ and ‘Auditorium’. Cinetorium is the name of our group and venue (or Branch), as well as our entire movement put together. 

The Venue

A Cinetorium as a venue, is simply structured as a auditorium-like concert hall, with built in cinema. The venue is specially designed to hold both movies and live concerts in the same room. It's unique setup is also ideal to hold muiltimedia-interactive theatre shows we call Public Events.  

The Group

Cinetorium as a group, is infact a performing Youth Group, which work together as a team to produce their own original content, and present to a public audience, whether inside their own venue (or Branch). As well as a performing group, Cinetorium is also a social group - providing social activities and functions for our members, to make Cinetorium a fun environment to work in. It also gives our members a chance to rest and relax, and make some new friends with mutual interests. 

The Movement 

As a movement, Cinetorium combines live theatre with interactive cinema - with use of modern pop-styled music, interactive cinematography, and a digital pre-recorded soundtrack. As any film or theatre show, it all starts with a story. As the story develops, it's converted into a list of songs, that are presented in narrative order. Presented in different performing techniques, each scene (or number) is either performed live on stage, or as part of a motion picture projected onto the big screen. All forming together into one story for one individual show - our Public Events