What is a Branch?

A Cinetorium Branch is simply a location or venue, in which Cinetorium members gather for productions, functions, and events. It is also what we call are large gathering of Cinetorium members

Each fully constructed Branch is a studio and entertainment complex, complete with a specially designed theatre, recording booths and editing suites, as well as a multi-themed garden landscape out the back, which hold various stage settings used in our film/video productions. This is known as our Studio Gardens.

There are three different types of Branches - Substitute Branch, Capital Branch, and a Sub-Branch.

Substitute Branch 

In the initial stages of a Branch, The Cinetorium Brothers or Branch Manger, will arrange to have their content produced and presented at an existing studio or community hall, which is used as a substitute until their official Capital Branch can be established.

Capital Branches

A Capital Branch is the main Branch of its selected region. It is the community’s main foundation and the biggest in the area. A Capital Branch should be seen as a tourist attraction, complete with amusement rides and attractions, transforming for it’s Studio Gardens into a mini-theme park. The Capital Branch accommodates the commercial aspects of the company, which builds a market for the entire movement.


Once our Capital Branch begins to over populate, small groups will begin to develop their own mini-studios/venues within the local region. These are what we'll be calling our Sub-Branches. While our Capital Branch will continue operating as commercial studio and tourist attraction, our Sub-Branches will act more as a community-based studio and community club venue - which only produce amateur productions. However - ALL Sub-Branches will all be in channeled with our Capital Branch. In other words, Sub-Branch members are still welcome to visit the Capital Branch under membership benefits.