Visual Aspects

Cinetorium is not just about telling a story. The whole presentation should be brought to life with its three elements - vision, sound, and energy.

In Cinetorium, every sound, lighting effect, or colour element has a theme or a meaning. Cinetorium is very big on sharing morals and values through visual theming, and the audience should FEEL the energy produced from the visions and sounds... from the music, to the surround-sound effects, the lighting effects, to the choreography/performances, to even the visions on the big screen.

Stage Set-up and Technical Techniques

In a Capital Branch or Sub-Branch, the setup should automatically be set and ready to go. However if using a Substitute Branch for a Public Event, certain steps will need to be followed in order to fit the movement’s needs.

  1. You will require an opened-auditorium with elevated seating, fitting an audience capacity of 100 to 300 people. An ‘opened auditorium’ simply means there are no closed curtains in Cinetorium.

  1. You will require a plain white back wall or screen to project a 34 x 65 feet projected motion picture. The bottom boarder of the picture should be at least 7 feet off the ground, this is to avoid the projector’s light beam hitting the performers, creating shadows of the projected picture.

  1. 2 to 4 stage spotlights which stand at an angle both left and right of the stage. Again, this is two avoid lighting up the back wall, affecting the project motion picture. In Cinetorium, there is very limited lighting and no stage production. The interactive animation/cinematography act as the stage’s backdrop. Actors CAN being small props and instruments onto the stage as part of their act, as long as they can be carried on by hand - with no need for backstage crew.

  1. PA sound system - Though Cinetorium sound is technically a Cinema built into an auditorium - we do not use the usually 5.1 Sound System. Instead we use a PA system, to enable good quality live audio for the artists who perform live on stage.

  1. As any theatre set-up, a Tech-Desk (or Tech-Box) is essential to control projection, lighting, and live audio. It is recommended to use an 8 channel mixer with wireless mics to enable the performers to move around, not only around the stage, but around the audience as well. The Multimedia used in Cinetorium is run off what we call an AVBD (Audio/Visual Backing Disc). To play an AVBD you will require a DVD player (Blue-Ray Player or 4K Disc player may also be considered, depended on what format you wanna go). You can even runs an AVBD off a computer laptop as a digital video file. themselves). In Cinetorium, there is very limited stage lighting, only enough spotlights to light the performers on stage... and SOME flashing or disco lighting effects when needed. But most of the production should be featured in the projected imagery. In saying that, technicians should be mindful to project the picture ABOVE the performers on stage, so no shadows are captured on the back wall effecting the picture.