The Cinetorium Testimony

Cinetorium was founded by creative artist Jason Wingate in 2016, but has a history to dates way back into his adolescents. 

Jason's imagination was active even as a young lad, it was his imagination that captured the attention of fellow schoolmate Shannon, who teamed with Jason to make their first backyard film together in the summer of 1996. The film was never completed however and only exist as a memory today. 

A year after graduating high school in June 2002, Jason began to talk to Shannon about pursuing a career out of making adventure films together. But little did Jason know, Shannon had other plans for his career, as he began to develop a profile as a professional dancer; working for the biggest names in the entertainment industry. By 2004, Jason began to feel guilty in taking Shannon away from all the experience he gained working on stage with these artists, he knew he would need an entertainment venue that would showcase both his movie creations, and Shannon's performing skills. Jason began to visualise a built-in cinema inside his TAFE's Auditorium - and so the vision for Cinetorium was born.  

By mid-2008, Shannon and Jason decided it was time to go their own separate ways, since their were heading into two seperate careers. Jason was left alone to figure out what to do with his life from then on and soon remembered his vision for Cinetorium. In January 2009, Jason began a new attempt to form a band that would be about making their own movies as well as their own music. He would call the band 'The Cinetorium Gang' after his future venue. After 12 months past, forming a committed group of 5 musicians/movie actors proved impossible to Jason, and he abandoned the project. 

In early 2011, Jason joined a local pentecostal church, where he soon find his christian faith in God. It was here Jason would find his calling to be a youth worker, after finding a passion in interacting with youth. However, due to personal struggles, Jason was forced to leave the church and have seek professional psychological help. 

In March 2013, Jason surrendered his Cinetorium concept to God, giving him permission to destroy it shall he deem it unworthy. But God had bigger plans for Cinetorium, one which would not be revealed to Jason for another two years. 

After beginning his film production related studies at JMC Academy in Brisbane, Jason officially returned Cinetorium in 2015, after receiving a calling from God to continue what he started. He received a promised from God that he will be introduced to a christian music student, who will fill the hole Shannon left behind in Jason's life. The miracle friend will team with Jason, and help him build the future Cinetorium. 

In June 2018, Jason was invited to take part in local web series production to record video footage behind the scenes. It was there Jason met Timothy Clark, a young university music student who was starring in the show as one of the show's characters. Tim and Jason connected instantly and by mid-2019, were working together on a brand new project. 

Right in the middle of the COVID Pandemic Crisis in 2020, God revealed to Jason through prayer that Timothy was the promised Christian Music Student to take Shannon's place in building the Cinetorium. They both accepted their calling, and with the christian traditional use on bread and wine, performed a ritual on 30th May 2020, which united them as soul mates through the blood of Christ. Tim and Jason officially became The Cinetorium Brothers that day, and since then have been called upon to build the Cinetorium as a sacred place of paradise and creative sanctuary. God's second attempt at the biblical 'Garden of Eden'. 

As the Cinetorium Brothers, Tim and Jason have also been called upon to recruit a team of Teen Talents, and expand the Cinetorium Foundation into a global community. The Cinetorium Brothers and their Teen Talents will work together in the newly written arts of Cinetorium, bringing to local communities a compassionate message of love, hope, and salvation. 

In a very late future, Tim and Jason's legacy will be past down to their children, and their children's children for generations to come.