Performing Techniques 

Cinetorium is special form of Musical Theatre Art, complete with its own selection of performing techniques. Each technique is designed to bring the story/concert to life, through energy visionary and music. Giving the audience an experience more than a show.

Narrative Piece 

A Narrative Piece takes a song at converts into a small scene. The Lyrics can be sung dialogue, narration or a combination of both. The performance can also interact to the audience (even break the forth wall in music videos) or interact with each other as though to be having a discussion. Meanwhile, as the performer narrates the story to the audience, a short story should be playing in the background (or included as B-Roll). The story however MUST be parallel or in relation to the song.

Spotlight Ballad

A quiet moment between the performer(s) and the audience. Term gets its name from a spotlight being shone on the performer - so ALL focus is on the performer. Lyrics are words of inspiration, a compassionate message, or self expression. Spotlight Ballad Songs don’t necessarily HAVE to be ballads though - The song can be a fast pace performance, and stage production can build-up with a light show or interactive cinematography/animation projected on the screen. This technique is more effective on stage - but can presented in music videos which incorporates these guidelines.

Energetic Party 

A very upbeat number encouraging the audience to get up and dance. Lyrics should be a message about being here to have a good time and/or dancing instructions. Production should include flashing disco and fairy lights. Performance should also include energetic choreography. Again this technique would be more effective live, but can be incorporated into a music video.

Choreographed Soundtrack
A piece of instrumental music design to synchronise with a

choreographed silent live skit, dance routine, or an edited clip of cinematographic footage or animation. This technique can even be used a title sequence or overture.


A Crossover simply captures two of the above listed techniques in one.