Meet The
Cinetorium Brothers

An Australian Christian-Based Duo Act in Film and Music - with their own Television Show and Animal Theme Park.

Jason Wingate (Right) reached to God in prayer to help him through his personal struggles, losing his childhood friend, and life-long dream. As a result, Jason was introduced to Timothy Clark (Left) in mid-2018. Tim truly is an answer to Jason’s prayers.

Jason had hoped to begin a screen duo with a childhood friend named Shannon, who was to team-up with him in building Australian Petting Zoo, ‘Magpie Gully: Farm and Wildlife Park’, While producing an attached fantasy adventure television show. Shannon and Jason were to star as themselves portrayed as Secret Agents, sent to the abandoned Magpie Gully to investigate a local monster mystery. The park itself was to exist in real-life, and opened to the public a week after the last episode was aired. Jason called it ‘The S&J.Project’, short for ‘The Shannon and Jason Project’. It was a dream that wasn’t to be, as Shannon had established his own career in the entertainment industry elsewhere.

The time Jason had with Shannon inspired him to design an entertainment venue that was both a cinema and live entertainment auditorium in one. In time, Jason came up with the name ‘Cinetorium’ which is short for ‘Cinema’ and ‘Auditorium’. The first 15 years of pursuing Cinetorium as a band and movement had been a struggle, and by mid-2013, a member of a church in which Jason was attending at the time approached him for a private chat. Jason was accused of performing acts of the devil with the stories he was writing. Stories which included secret agents fighting zombies and monsters. This Church goer condemned Jason for his actions, and threatened to have him banished from the church. After a calming word from the Pastor, Jason took this experience as a wake-up call. He turned to God in prayer, surrendered his Cinetorium concept and stories to God, giving the almighty permission to destroy the Cinetorium if he felt it unworthy. God did NOT destroy the Cinetorium, but created a big plan for it which was not reveal until much later.

In June 2015, A week after Jason had enrolled into JMC Academy, Jason received a prophesy from God, that a miracle friend would come into his life, and fill the hole that Shannon left behind. A Christian music student to be exact, who would help Jason build the Cinetorium.
After the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia in March 2020, Jason was revealed his previous prophesy had been fulfilled. Timothy met Jason through a local Web-Series film shoot which was shot in an eastern region of Brisbane, the two connected instantly, and soon developed a working relationship through Jason’s own amateur film production of, ‘Young Mad Scientist’. Once Jason discovered Tim’s musical gifts, and that he was actually a student at UQ in St Lucia (Brisbane), Jason offered Tim a role as Music Director for his new company. Before long, as Jason was looking for a new artist to partner with, God shine a light on Timothy, pointing out that HE was the promised miracle friend to replace Shannon in Jason’s endeavours.
On 30th May, 2020, Tim and Jason performed a ritual that would officially unit them as the original ‘Cinetorium Brothers’ - Brothers in Christ to carry out a special life long mission, to recreate the Garden of Eden, and build the Cinetorium as their very own church. A week after the ritual, Jason received another calling from God, to revive his so-called ‘S&J.Project’. This time, the show will be produced before the park’s construction, and will carry out the promise of a coming place of Sanctuary Paradise. However, Tim and Jason as the Cinetorium Brothers would have to fight away the Darkness and cleanse the area in order to make it a safe haven for lost souls. The future Magpie Gully: Farm and Wildlife Park will officially become the NEW Garden of Eden, and the series itself being a visual parable referring to God as a light and its epic battle against the Darkness (aka evil and negative forces), and once again it is the Cinetorium Brothers who have been called to be God’s official agents to carry out the battle.

It is all to reveal the biggest miracle since the resurrection of Christ, a prophesy that unfortunately can not be revealed to society until 2040.