Magpie Gully

Mount Zombie and The Clancy Ranch are the only thing that remains intact from the old town of Magpie Gully to this day, and although the original town itself has not long ago been demolished, Tom Tucker (a descendant of Ned Tucker), has moved in with his own wife and claimed it as his own. Tom hopes to honour Ned's memory, by transforming the ranch into a petting zoo, naming it 'Magpie Gully: Farm and Wildlife Park', after the town his ancestor once founded. Despite Ned's failure to protect the town, Tom still claims him as a historical hero, and hopes that one day, Magpie Gully will become a highly must see tourist destination. So Ned's memory can live on, and an important part of its local history. 

Yet with his own disappearance, Tom's dream has been put on hold. With the curse of Mount Zombie put aside, now Magpie Gully has an even bigger threat to worry about, the rumours of a local creature which stalks its grounds at night, a creature known locally as 'The Grassman'. 

What other secrets does Magpie Gully hide within its grounds? What can the Cinetorium Brothers do to make Magpie Gully the tourist destination Tom had always hoped it would be? 

Magpie Gully was once a Gold Rush Town back in the 19th Century. 

It was founded by a late settler by Ned Tucker in 1863, and in 1865, gold of discover on a near ranch by owner Arthur Chamber. The gold developed the riches to would help establish the town of Magpie Gully in 1864, and its riches would continue to feed the town, until disastrous explosion wiped out the mining facility in 1868. It was terrible tragedy that would devastate, killing all the mining workers inside, including Arthur Clancy. A Graveyard was built at the bottom of the mining mountain, to pay respects all all who lost their lives in the mining disaster.  

6 Months later, a ruthless bushranger known as Banjo Black heres the rumours of gold in the local area, and arrives in Magpie Gully to claim the town of his own. Legend has it, that Black was cursed by a witch who was married to Arthur Chamber himself, and the corpses which once resting in the graveyard at the bottom of the abandoned mine now roams the grave yard and mining tunnels, guarding the resting place of the now undead Banjo Black. For if Black's rest was to be disturbed, it would unleash a zombie apocalypse that could wipe out the entire world. This is how the mountain got its name 'Mount Zombie'. For over a hundred years, Mount Zombie has stood - undisturbed.