A model of our Branch is currently under constructed.

Building Our Branch

To build our Branch, we will be following our own procedure listed below and will be encouraging other members to do the same once we are established. 

STEP ONE:   Register Business Name

It is a legal requirement to trade under a registered business name. All Cinetorium Branches MUST be registered under the Company ABN. 

STEP TWO:  Form Founding Sub-Group

All Cinetorium Branches will begin with what we are calling a Founding Sub-Group. A Sub-Group is a small group containing 1 Youth Angel, 1 Apprentice Youth Angel, and upto 4 Teen Talents.  A group of members is not considered a Branch, until capacity has reached a minimum of 18 members. (For more information, see Branches and Sub-Groups under Membership)

STEP THREE:  Seek Substitute Branch

Until the time comes to establish our Capital Branch, we will need a studio to produce, and a venue to hold our Public Events. This is where our Substitute Branch comes in handy. The Studio we have selected is Angel Studios in Archerfield. However, we have yet to select a venue to hold Public Events

STEP FOUR:  Make Contact with Local City Council - Seek Land. 

To officially establish the Capital Branch, we will need both council approval and land. The Council however have the people and services available to you to help find the land and seek approval. But the project can not go ahead until approval is cleared and the funds have been raised. As we have not yet reached this point, it is unclear exactly what the required budget would be.